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fanfiction by Hecate [ e-mail | website ]

Different You can't stop them from playing their games with her any more than you can stop them from doing it to you. [Krycek/Samantha, PG-13]
Her Brother's Name Temporary escape from a reality that's too much to bear. [Krycek/Samantha, Krycek/Mulder, R]

fanfiction by Sandrine Shaw [ e-mail | website ]

Another Woman A rainy autumn morning, a woman watches as Mulder says his final goodbies to his sister. [PG]
By Any Other Name "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." (Shakespeare; Romeo and Juliet) [Samantha/Krycek, R]
Choises Samantha and Alex argue about... choises. [PG]
Cold Comfort She's the living proof that there is no God. [PG]
Daybreak Post-'Existence'. A car ride into the new day. [PG]
The Fire Inside AU-ish vignette. Samantha character study from Alex' point of view. [PG]
Five Things That Never Happened to Samantha Mulder Five short vignettes, all unrelated to each other. Five persons Samantha could have become. Five ways to leave the past behind. [PG-13]
Illusion Samantha has her own way of motivating Alex. [Samantha/Krycek, PG]
Issues of Humanity Alex finds perfection difficult to handle. [Samantha/Krycek, R]
Longing for the Unattainable Samantha, Alex, and the man who stands between them. [Samantha/Krycek, Mulder/Krycek implied, PG]
Rules of Engagement She always knew it was going to be like this. [Samantha/Krycek, R]

fanfiction by somuchbraver [ website ]
Denial is my greatest defense against the truth An uneasy dance between denial and something that could be love. [Samantha/Krycek, PG-13]
Untitled It all comes down. Spoilers for 'Existence'. [Samantha/Krycek, R]

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