"...a battle is being waged -- a struggle for heaven and earth. Where there's but one law: fight or die. And one rule: resist or serve."

-- Alex Krycek, "The Red & the Black"
Welcome to [RESISTANCE], the archive for fanfiction dealing with the relationship - romantic or otherwise - between Samantha Mulder and Alex Krycek.

Why Samantha and Alex? Because the possibilities are endless. We know all but nothing about either character.

Samantha has probably been abducted as a child and was most likely cloned. Fox Mulder might or might not have met the real her at some point of his endless search; she might or might not be Spender's daughter, she might or might not have grown up at a military base and she might or might not have died there. We know Alex used to work for Spender in the past, or at least pretended to. He most likely has been on his own agenda for a while. He might or might not be fighting the conspiracy. He might or might not have been shot by Skinner.

They might have met. They might have grown up together, or worked together, or fought each other. They might be lovers or friends, enemies or allies.

The truth, as they say, is somewhere out there.